Live Review: Nina Las Vegas brings past and future together in 'Deserts'

23 May 2017 | 6:20 am | Holly O'Neill

With lyrics drawing from her heritage presented through a unique and polished nu-club sound, 'Deserts' is the meeting of NINA LAS VEGAS' past and future.

After being a part of the music industry for as long as she has, NINA LAS VEGAS has not stopped growing. She's moved from selecting to producing and is now known as the head of her self titled music label NLV Records. Off this label we heard her debut EP 'Ezy or Never', a selection of tracks that explored the bubbling club sounds she surrounds herself with. Now, after touring around Australia and America with Diplo and Cashmere Cat respectively, we have a new release, 'Deserts', that builds on this vision and highlights Nina's growth personally and as an artist.

After having to flex her vocal chops on her debut EP out of necessity, she seems far more confident in this track delivering a self assured performance with a light-handed touch of vocal manipulation. This may be due in part to what the lyrics are about, Nina's connection to her Egyptian culture and heritage through her parents.

Production is super clean and every sound is specific, you can really tell all the beeps and boops are where they need to be and were specially chosen or created for their purpose. On 'Deserts' Nina Las Vegas has found the perfect balance between ballad and party anthem, with the heartfelt verses bleeding into the dance breaks of the chorus.

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Bouncy and full of energy, the drop immediately triggers a bodily reaction to move to the beat as every element finely tuned to that future club NLV vibe. Vocals warp all over all over the place, the bassline is rubbery and dense and the contrasting percussion is hyperactive making for a super fun breakdown.

With lyrics drawing from her heritage presented through a unique and polished tune released on her own label that champions this nu-club sound, 'Deserts' is the intersection of Nina Las Vegas' past and her future. This track is only the second release from NLV Records for 2017, but coming into their sophomore year should make for an even more exciting set of releases.