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Live Review: Head into the desert with JPEGMAFIA and his new single, 'CUTIE PIE!'

27 May 2020 | 2:50 pm | Emma Jones

JPEGMAFIA shares his fifth release of the year with new single, 'CUTIE PIE!'

It has been an exciting time for JPEGMAFIA fans. We have now received another new single this month titled 'CUTIE PIE!', the latest in a prolific run for the artist. We've already had 'COVERED IN MONEY!', 'BODYGUARD!' and two versions of 'BALD!' -the original and the Denzel Curry-featuring remix- as well as a video of the man himself interviewing Ariel Pink. Now, in 'CUTIE PIE!', we follow Peggy into the desert for another cut.

Once again switching up his style, 'CUTIE PIE!' is the latest example of just how versatile and innovative JPEGMAFIA really is. Refusing to play by traditions or rules, he continually shakes things up, keeping fans on their toes waiting to see what he does next. In this latest release, just like the rest of his tracks so far, we've also been treated to some official self-directed visuals in which Peggy raps straight to the camera and runs around a desert landscape.

It remains to be seen what all these releases mean, if anything at all. They could well just be standalone tracks from one of hip-hop's most innovative creators, or it could be all part of something bigger. Despite that, we are definitely enjoying all the new JPEGMAFIA releases, so we are psyched to see what next month might bring!

Watch 'CUTIE PIE!' below:

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Words by Emma Jones