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Live Review: Brockhampton share THREE new songs 'I.F.L', 'downside' (Ft. Ryan Beatty) and 'baby bull'

25 May 2020 | 9:56 am | Emma Jones

BROCKHAMPTON released three new songs last week, but you might only have a limited amount of time to hear them.

Over the last few weeks, BROCKHAMPTON have been releasing multiple new songs Friday via their Twitch livestreams, Technical Difficulties Radio. So far, we've been gifted four new singles by the names of 'M.O.B', 'twisted', 'Things Can't Stay The Same', and 'N.S.T'. Now the best boy band since One Direction have gone one step further, releasing a trio of new tunes for us over the weekend.

From the Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion and Joba ad-lib featuring 'I.F.L' (standing for I Feel Like), to the guest appearance from frequent collaborator Ryan Beatty on 'downside' and the downtempo groove of 'baby bull' which sees Matt Champion, Merlyn Wood, Joba, bearface and Jabari Manwa all jumping on the mic, these three songs are quintessential BROCKHAMPTON.

Interestingly, the songs that have been previously released only exist on YouTube for about a week before they're taken down when the next episode of the Twitch livestream airs, so there we can assume there's a limited time to hear these three cuts as well. Kevin Abstract has previously said the band has two albums done, and that these songs that are being released are separate to those records. Further to that, the livestreams are password protected, so if you're wanting to jump onto the stream you might have to do a little digging online.

Listen to the new singles below.

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Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied