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Live Review: Music To Isolate To: Cosmo's Midnight

23 March 2020 | 4:21 pm | Emma Jones

Music To Isolate To is an ongoing artist-curated playlist series where we ask our favourite artists for the ten songs they need to get them through COVID-19

With the ongoing and ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a crazy world out there right now, so it’s never been more important to band together. Self-isolation and social distancing are two of the most effective tools we have as a society to help fight COVID-19, but they're also very difficult to undertake and they have very real, long-lasting consequences on the music and arts industries — some of which we aren't even aware of yet. Our artists and our industry are already feeling the ripple effect, and things are only going to get worse before they get better.

Because of this, it’s up to us to use what we’ve got at our disposal to best represent and amplify our community and continue to tell artists’ stories. Purple Sneakers has always fiercely represented Australian music and our team are some of the best writers in the country, so we’re going to use our platform to continue doing what we do best: connect our community with the artists we love, and support artists by promoting their incredible music.

Music To Isolate To is an ongoing artist-curated playlist series by Purple Sneakers. We've asked some of our favourite artists ever to provide us with the ten songs they're listening to while in isolation, and provide some commentary for their selections. We'll be running these for the foreseeable future every Monday and Thursday, and you can follow the Spotify playlist which will be updated on these days right HERE. The idea is to not only promote artists who are curating the playlists, but to also promote those songs that mean a lot to them whether they be longtime classics or fresh new releases.

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The next artist in our Music To Isolate To series is COSMO'S MIDNIGHT. The Sydney siblings have carved a new name out for themselves thanks to their signature, funk-filled production prowess and undeniable knack for picking collaborative partners that amplify their sound while shining in their own right. Levelling up in 2019, the duo went onto play Splendour in The GrassListen Out and Laneway Festival, and sell out shows across the world. Their music is always guaranteed to make you feel good, and their latest single featuring none other than rising star RUEL is another bouncing, relaxed, shimmering example of this. Offering up their take on our playlist, the boys have offered up a few of their favourite songs by some homegrown heroes and threw some internationals in there as well. Check it all out below!

KLLO - Virtue

This track led me to discover Kllo and the rest of their discog so it’s always been a favourite of mine by them.

STEVAN - No More Regrets

Stevan always writes songs soaked in nostalgia and sunshine, good for reflecting on the past and getting excited for the future. Something I feel we’re all doing in this weird time.


My favourite off the new Winston record, bittersweet, danceable yet melancholy. One of my favourite combos.

MILAN RING - Switch Off

Milan is an amazing RNB and Soul singer from Sydney, if this is your first time hearing her hope this song helps you wind down.

SKIN ON SKIN - Got Me Fucked Up

Bit of a change up but if you’re feeling a bit stir crazy this tune is a good one to switch your light of and on too.

TAME IMPALA - Breathe Deeper

I just love the acid section at the very end, one of my fav moments in this album.


Maybe a little invested in this track cos we helped make it extra juicy, v exciting one from Joey.

BARKER - Utility

I’ve been listening to a lot of ambient recently, it’s actually my favourite genre to listen to when I need a reset from making music. Barker is so texturally creative and I love the balance of testing the listener's patience and rewarding your patience.

SKEE MASK - Rev8617

I’d personally listen to the whole Skee Mask album ‘Compro’ but if you want a cool introduction to his sound this track is a good start.

Daniel Caesar - CYANIDE

This song is best enjoyed alongside the clip from the koffee remix, tropical Caribbean paradise. So transportive.

Introduction by EMMA JONES

Image: Supplied