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Live Review: Moonbase Commander hits hard with new "Orthodox" EP

25 October 2016 | 12:14 pm | Aiden Benavides

Coming off his last release Southpaw EP, Sydney producer Moonbase Commander has put out the grimy Orthodox EP.

Coming off a strong year of playing festivals and his latest EP, Southpaw, which featured some brutally heavy trap-aligned tracks, as well a notable collaboration with artist Cakes da Killa, Sydney producer MOONBASE COMMANDER has returned with the grimy new EP, Orthodox. 

Heavy, non-stop bass blasting out of your speakers, Moonbase Commander has pulled out all the stops with this release. Featuring lead single "Greyhound", each track is of a different style, with a mix of drum and bass, future bass, trap and hip-hop, but they all still link together with a certain cohesion. Instead of focussing on singles and lumping them all together in an EP, Moonbase Commander offers up a refined body of work - well, as refined as you can get with the grimy bass that's on display here! The sheer intensity of the tracks and the booming bass out of each of them, this diversity means there's something that is sure to grab your ear.

One can clearly hear which tracks are influenced by which genre, starting off with the title track 'Orthodox'. Featuring trap influenced dub-step like production, wubby synths and a half step drum pattern that has added 808's for extra bass, we're off to a big start to lead us into the next track. More focused on rap/hip-hop vibes, 'Heavyweights' features Mikey Dollaz over the huge trap beats.

Just when you think you need a break, in comes 'Greyhound' to get you moving even more with it's drum and bass stylings and growling bass, before the Ecca Vandal featuring 'Oblivion' gives you one last rush of adrenaline. Here the bass isn't quite as booming, but we are talking Moonbase Commander here, so it's still hard-hitting to say the least.

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There are two features on this EP, Mikey Dollaz and Ecca Vandal, who both bring their unique talents to this EP. Mikey Dollaz's performance on the trap inspired beat of 'Heavyweight' is second to none, delivering hard hitting punchlines and braggadocio raps on top of a beat that just enhances every word he spits.

On the other end of the EP, there's Ecca Vandal who lends her vocals on the future bass styled track 'Oblivion'. What it lacks in 808 bass, it makes up with a vocal performance that is constantly switching style. Ecca Vandal has a dynamic voice in the sense that she can switch from rapping to singing to a Frankenstein mix of the two with the drop of a hat. Her performance elevates this track to a whole new level, and it's refreshing to see Moonbase Commander seamlessly shift between instrumental tracks to guest features, whilst still holding his own. Where some producers seem to take a back seat with feature artists, Moonbase shares centrestage, with neither artist overshadowing the other but instead working together in harmony. Dirty, grimy harmony.

This EP is the first to be released under the new Trench label which was created as an additional avenue for Moonbase Commander forthcoming prolific output. Speaking on his new label, he said, "Trench begun as a feeling before its namesake. Trench is after-hours creating, listening and moving. Smoke, street lights and stop signs."

This EP shows off Moonbase Commander as an extremely talented producer who is building a reputation for making bangers that hit hard like no other. We look forward to more tours and music from Moonbase Commander.

Words by Aiden Benavides