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Live Review: Listen to a full throttle exclusive mix from LÂLKA

12 April 2021 | 12:42 pm | Emma Jones

Brisbane/Meanjin producer-vocalist LÂLKA has unleashed her debut EP, The Way Music Looks, so we got her to deliver a fiery guest mix to celebrate.

Last month, producer-vocalist LÂLKA unveiled her debut EP, The Way Music Looks. A fearless, confident and wholly ambitious display of self expression in its many forms, The Way Music Looks has been a long time coming but proves that things are worth waiting for when they sound this good. Always one to push her craft into new territory, and then push just a little further, LÂLKA remains one of the country's most innovative producers, and a visionary of not just what music can be now, but what it can be for eras to come.

While The Way Music Looks will strike a chord with any PC Music/Charli XCX/Ninajirachi fan and those adjacent, it will also strike a cord with anyone who appreciates an artist not only mining their own lives for source material, but also one who is taking control and doing their own thing. With a refined and strong authenticity, it's LÂLKA's self-awareness which shines through the most: she knows who she is and what she is about, and that remains intrinsic to every element of the project.

Speaking to the meaning of her debut EP, LÂLKA shares: "I have recently come to understand that the thing I’ve always wanted most, even when I was a child, was to be seen. An introvert in nature but absolutely bursting with the desire to express, I coveted the casual self-assurance I saw in others and the influence they exerted as I waited, invisibly, to be seen. Now here I am, after years of absorbing skills and coping mechanisms. Ready to show a facet of my psyche. Proud to show it. Here it is."

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To celebrate the release of The Way Music Looks, LÂLKA has put together an exclusive mix for us. Just like her own music, it's very consistent with that same electrifying, forward-thinking and innovative sound we've come to expect from her. She turns the intensity all the way up, with a heavy helping of her own mash ups, edits and reworks as well as some originals and some personal favourites. It's not for the faint-hearted (just the way we like it) and shows she really held nothing back on this one!

Listen to her mix below, and check out her EP here.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied