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Live Review: Missed calls: Darcy Baylis, CXLOE, Motez ft. KWAYE & More

19 February 2019 | 2:51 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

If you haven't got the memo yet, we at Purple Sneakers love new music. Each week, we're graced with a tonne of new releases, and sometimes, it's a little hard for us to keep up. Which is why we're answering some of our missed calls and passing the line over to you. Below is a stellar bunch of new music that you might have missed over the last week.


Darcy Baylis & Bloodzboi 血男孩 - Same Page / 梦魇

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After meeting online, DARCY BAYLIS BLOODZBOI met up IRL last year to write, perform and film a clip for their beautifully melancholic new track 'Same Page'. This is also the first track to feature on Baylis' forthcoming EP.

With both artists sharing a similar aesthetic both visually and sonically, it's only right that the collaboration brings forth the best out of them. Both of their vocals are emotionally charged and beautifully executed, drifting slowly atop a quiet trap beat, a carefully plucked guitar and a delicately sweet piano melody.

In true Darcy Baylis fashion, his music continues to push the boundaries of genre, remaining both fluid and thoughtful.


CXLOE - I Can't Have Nice Things

Fast becoming known for her memorable approach to writing emotional pop bangers, Sydney's CXLOE has experienced a meteoric rise in the last twelve months. She's backing this up with the release of a tender new single, 'I Can't Have Nice Things'.

In conversation with Billboard, she details the meaning of the track, citing that as a child, she couldn't be trusted with breakable items as she would always end up damaging them. She says this has transferred into her adult life, finding ways to sabotage things that mean the most to her.

The track details these experiences, backed up by her emotive way of story-telling through song. Paired with an unintrusive pop beat that eventuates into this fanfare of deep synths in the chorus, CXLOE's 'I Can't Have Nice Things' is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for weeks to come.


Motez ft. KWAYE - Steady Motion

It's been a hot minute between tracks for Adelaide producer MOTEZ. Spending the better part of 2018 performing to packed out crowds here in Australia and overseas, he's back with a banger of a new tune, 'Steady Motion' and he's got the grandeur vocals of KWAYE to help deliver this one.

If there's one thing Motez and his music have become defined by over the years, it's his ability to deliver consistently infectious vocal house jams, always working with vocalists who share a similar vision. With a funk-driven bassline and KWAYE's beautifully masterful vocals, 'Steady Motion' is the result of a musical match made in heaven.

The clip above was directed by Timothy James Lovett and animated by Timothy, Mathew Wilson & Rastko Vukovic. Keeping in stead with the track's message of perseverance, the video details a lioness steadying along despite a world of obstacles.


Kelsey Bulkin - Kareem

Back with a second taste of her forthcoming EP LeucadiaKELSEY BULKIN's shared 'Kareem', a beautifully kaleidoscopic insight into the diversity set to be shown on the longer form release.

'Kareem' exceptionally showcases the multi-disciplinary aspect of Bulkin's work - singer, songwriter and producer. Telling stories of her experiences is something that seems to come naturally to her, which is why I think her music feels so impactful and lasting. With her lush vocals sitting atop a dreamy soundscape, this hazy introspection leaves you wanting more.

Of the track, she says Its about who is going to make the first move and/or say what's on their mind. I've always been very direct about how I feel which makes people love me or avoid me. It's something I've tried to change but there's no use. So I'm going to make it a super power."


BRUX - Belong

Kicking off the mysterious project in 2018, BRUX returns in 2019 with one hell of a soulful, deep-house banger. 'Belong' is the name of this one, and continuing in stead with the theme of music that's inspired by the supernatural, there's an other worldly feel to the sound design of this one that is commanding.

The sonic palate of 'Belong' is absolutely wild, pairing a variety of processed vocals, waves of classic house percussion and a wonky, extraterrestrial fill that comes in at the halfway point like the 'boo' of a ghost. There's a lot to unpack with this track, but in a way that feels complex and never cluttered.

After being selected as the sole Australian to attend the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy 20th anniversary program in Berlin, it's no wonder that BRUX continues to push the boundaries of not only their artistry, but electronic music convention altogether.

Photo of Motez by Daniel Marks

Photo of CXLOE via Facebook

Photo of Kelsey Bulkin via Facebook