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Live Review: Mickey Kojak get us Halloween ready with his new track ‘Bones’

31 October 2016 | 1:13 pm | Abbey Lenton

Sydney producer Mickey Kojak gets spooky with his latest release 'Bones', a track that is both perfect for a boogie, and for a headphones listen.

Sydney based producer MICKEY KOJAK delivers again with this electro-pop banger. It's been a minute since we've heard from him, but we are damn glad he's back. Kicking off with an instant groove, ‘Bones’ is definitely one for the dance floor.

An androgynous voice moans its way through the intro, emanating some very Rocky Horror Picture Show vibes. Crackling static can be heard as the beat builds and builds, until we wait for the inevitable drop… But the drop doesn’t come. Instead, Kojak is taunting. He strips away the fuzzy layers, leaving us with a simple beat and his soulful vocals.

This track is sure to be a favourite within his live set. The chorus’s lyrics ‘Because I feel it in my bones, and I know you do too,’ are perfect for an old fashioned sing-along. And the undying beat will have you moving the whole way through.

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The single’s accompanying cover art is extraordinarily haunting. The blood red contrasts with the background’s gentle pastels, making for the perfect representation of the song. The brightness of the static is countered by the breathiness of the vocals, concocting a dance floor masterpiece that still keeps its chill.

‘Bones’ successfully experiments with layered electronica and subdued drops to create a track that is both perfect for a boogie, and for a headphones listen.