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Live Review: Manu Crook$ is 'Blowin' Up' with his new single

19 October 2016 | 10:23 am | Aiden Benavides

Manu Crook$ have put out the latest video for their track 'Blowin' up' featuring Miracle.

If you didn't know him before, you sure as hell will now. Manu Crook$ returns in style with his best joint yet in "Blowin' Up", and he's set to do exactly that.

Manu Crook$ doesn't sound like an Australian rapper, he sounds like someone out of Atlanta or Houston, and his latest tune bangs hard. The spleen rupturing bass in "Blowin' Up" is mixed with the slightly auto tuned raps (a staple in Southern hip-hop) to give some international flavour to the local hero.

Teaming up with Dopamine for production and Miracle for a feature spot, as well as a cameo appearance by JOY., this is a who's who of the next wave in Australian hip-hop. The video is mainly set in dark and dank areas like parking lots and dark city streets, when asked about the videos aesthetic Manu Crook$ had this to say:

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“We really just thought about what it was like when we were younger: late nights, walking to and from parties, service station runs and just hanging out wherever. The plan was to capture all of those moments and put them together into a music video.”

Aggressive verses match perfectly with the hard hitting drums and banging bass. Formidable from start to finish, Manu Crook$ asserts himself here, firing off a warning shot that he's ready and coming to claim his rightful spot at the top.

Words by Aiden Benavides