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Live Review: Lupa J's rounds up her hottest tracks of the moment

2 April 2017 | 6:49 pm | Lloyd Crackett

Only weeks ago, LUPA J returned with her first single in yonks, 'Put Me Back Together'. It is a raw, real and dance-y track showcasing how Lupa J's time off in 2016 has matured her already distinct sound.

With a great focus on her lyrical content, Lupa J has said the track "deals with intense themes of relationship dynamics, and emotional expression, the track fights the idea that girls should live up to the ideal that a women should be soft, pretty and easily digestible." 

Lupa J has kicked off the new year with a stellar song and hopefully, a music video soon. With her already strong aesthetic and well-thought out vision, it can only be worth the wait.

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In the lead up to her first live performance of 2017 at her single launch at Newtown Social Club, Lupa J has prepared her top ten songs of the moment. Check out her eclectic mix below, and snap up the remaining tickets to her single launch here.

Arca - Anoche

"I cannot get over Arca’s new stuff. Listening to each new track as it comes out on repeat currently. He was amazing before but now that he’s added his phenomenal voice & persona / face (in the equally as incredible new videos) to the forefront I think things have really been taken to a new level. This one just has the most beautiful melodies & synths, as they all do… dying for the album."

Aphir - Likeness

"Aphir just put out a new album and it’s so good. Lots of FKA twigs vibes in her voice & production in this one, such intricate detailed stuff! I love the vocal manipulation & all the tiny little sounds, and her very delicate & precise way of singing."

Dying Adolescence - bedtime, goodnight

"This is my favourite track from Dying Adolescence’s new EP ‘Lonely’. The synth chords are so gentle & warm, paired with the constant kick it’s like being dreamy & exhausted & sad but at the same time still just pushing on. I love the raw emotion in the vocals, especially the line ‘in my bedroom / is where i lose my cool’"

Gussy - Mornings 

"I’m really keen for the day Gussy becomes some kind of ‘next big thing’ in Australia. I saw a live show a few weeks back with a whole bunch of unreleased songs & they were all so innovative & fresh sounding. Mornings is just so beautifully written, I love that they’ve made a song about this specific scenario."

Rabbit Legs - Two Years 

Under the new name Rabbit Legs (previously Hospital) Alif Dodds writes swathes of extremely intelligent & beautifully intimate songs. And I really mean swathes, the Hospital Bandcamp page is a goldmine. This new EP ‘Milk Teeth’ is more gentle than the somewhat brutal glitchy music of Hospital, but there is still an underlying darkness to even the most major of Rabbit Legs chords that I love. This song just breaks my heart.

Marika Hackman - Boyfriend

"I had Boyfriend on repeat for DAYS after it was released. It hits you in the stomach and demands to be played again, right away. Those strings in the instrumental hook are nuts. And the lyrics are mean as hell. Woah. I love this new direction Marika is taking."

Miss Blanks - Been a Baddie

"I only discovered Miss Blanks the other day. This track is sick, I badly want to dance to it at a show. Her rhythm & flow are so tight, & I just love way her voice sounds. Also her abrasiveness is great, so empowering. We need more trans artists like this in Australian rap, she can lead the way."

Lonelyspeck - Settle

"I love how Lonelyspeck blends a lot of lo fi sounds with absolutely killer production seamlessly on their new EP. This track has really beautiful melodies & vocals, I get it stuck in my head and want to walk around singing it. The first minute is so fragile and perfect, such a great EP opening track."

‘Put Me Back Together’ has its' live launch on Tuesday April 11 – the first live performance of the year for Lupa J and one of the last shows at Newtown Social Club before it closes.