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Live Review: Savour the taste of Zellow's bittersweet new single 'Blood Orange'

20 September 2017 | 10:44 am | Molly McLaughlin

Rookie Melbourne-based producer and vocalist Zellow brings the electro-soul goodness with her third single, 'Blood Orange'.

Vocalist and producer ZELLOW's third single, 'Blood Orange', is a delicate, minimalist groove. Based in Melbourne, Zellow (aka Wilhelmina McRae) is relatively new to music, but is already carving out a distinctive niche with her electro-soul sound. 'Blood Orange' is built around her own vocal samples, paired with echoing synths and sharp drum beats.

After the bold jazz influences that permeated Zellow's first two cuts, 'On You' and 'Be Down', her latest tune leans into the space between sounds, creating an atmospheric portrait of a single moment. 'Blood Orange' is of the "show not tell" school of storytelling, quietly building a universe of sound.

'Blood Orange' is made up of layered waves, as the pulsating synths create an almost otherworldly sonic experience. Zellow's vocals are intriguing, drawing the listener into the story she tells through the sparse lyrics, smooth as hell and quietly menacing at the same time. Finally, the drum beat brings a hypnotic rhythm to the tune, and a welcome relief from the distorted intensity that rumbles beneath the surface of this song.

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Zellow counts Bonobo and Solange among her influences, but the catalyst for her musical awakening was in the crowd at an Alice Ivy show a few years ago. "I was like if she can do it, I don't see why I can't," she explains. Since then, she has sung with Alice Ivy and copped airplay on Triple J. At only 20 years old, Zellow is demonstrating a refined ear for subtlety and complexity in her music.

In an interview with Heaps Good Bangers, she explained the significance of female representation in electronic music. "I think that more females out there should know more about production. Learn to do it yourself. If there’s anyone wanting to learn something, just message me! I think it’s great passing on knowledge." Zellow is certainly leading the new wave of female producers by example, and sounding damn good while she's at it.