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Live Review: ZEFGIRLCLUB hits a 'PRESSURE POINT' in her newest club track

1 February 2018 | 8:29 am | Holly O'Neill

After clocking her as an Artist to Watch in 2018, ZEFGIRLCLUB is back with 'PRESSURE POINT': another taste of her wild sampling and industrial club sound.

After clocking her as an Artist to Watch this year, ZEFGIRLCLUB is already out of the gates with a new track in the first month of 2018. Following up her last release, a stellar remix for Melbourne's RECLUSE, is the baile funk tinged 'PRESSURE POINT'. Independently released, the track is another taste of the Sydney producer's clear industrial influences and mastery of sonic pastiche.

Taking cues from baile funk with stuttered vocal chops kicking everything off, the track opens, supported by ominous ambience and rising pads. The slow growing of the synths comes to an apex, brought on with sharp samples of screaming and echoing choirs. If the build and emotive sampling weren't enough, the introduction of the drums well and truly wrenches the listener into ZEFGIRLCLUB's world.

Dominating the mix is an imposing kick; syncopated, sporadic and serving as the foundation for the rest of the percussion. Baile inspired polyrhythms pull the track along, weaving together to play off each other. Tinny hats and metallic rhythms layer together throughout the track, with the specificity of the drums being the real standout of the whole release.

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Snippets of ZEFGIRLCLUB's fav throwback 'Bring Me To Life' by Evanescence are sprinkled throughout, the track's opening line repeating as the voice yearns for connection. The sample is warped and twisted beyond recognition, morphing into a whistling wail and layered back onto itself to add an extra splash of uncomfortable dissonance.

The off beat rhythms alongside the droning of the synths creates an ever changing soundscape, as the intensity rises and falls organically. All of these pieces slot together perfectly, with every element filling a space the others have left. With 'PRESSURE POINT', ZEFGIRLCLUB has kicked off the year with a roaring start and we can't wait to see what she brings next.

You can download 'PRESSURE POINT' now through her bandcamp.