Live Review: Fear 'LINGER's in ZEFGIRLCLUB's new twisted horror club track

8 December 2017 | 1:12 pm | Holly O'Neill

Every new offering from ZEFGIRLCLUB feels like a terrifying glimpse into a horror movie. Each track is dense with many odd samples, screams, creepy movie quotes and commanding bass and percussion, building a whole world in 5 minutes or less. Her new track, 'LINGER', is no different, layering echoing crashes of drums with shrill vocals and found samples to create a spine chilling club experience.

The track builds off an unsettling ambiance of a single synth tone, setting the mood for what's to come. It warbles away under a whispered monologue that sounds like it's ripped from an ASMR video of nightmares. Tension builds for a straight minute and a half, with echoing hits of drums that jolt between vocal chops.

High pitched screams are contrasted with the thuds of the percussion in the drop, with the hits coming hard and fast. Littered with menacing synth works and whirring machinery, it builds and grows, intensifies and pulls back, but always keeps that lingering sense of unease.

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Voices crying out in agony and world building sampling alongside the production make it feel like ZEFGIRLCLUB is creating a sonic horror movie. The stripped back sections between breakdowns feel like we're watching the monster creep closer to our hero, knife in hand ready to defend herself but not knowing she's about to be ripped to shreds by the drop.

ZEFGIRLCLUB's approach to production is cinematic, building mood and tension for emotive payoffs and keeping listeners on the edge of their seats the whole time. 'LINGER' strings us along, leaving us peering through our fingers unable to look away from the terror unfolding. You can purchase the track now through her bandcamp!