Live Review: Evanescence meets club terror in ZEFGIRLCLUB's new track

26 June 2017 | 3:47 pm | Holly O'Neill

Flipping a track by rock band Evanescence, ZEFGIRLCLUB brings her own feel to an already intense tune turning it into a terrifying percussive cry for help.

A month after her debut release, ZEFGIRLCLUB is back again with another twisted club track. 'BMTL' is an huge follow up, showcasing her clear concepts for her unique vision. Flipping the early noughties rock song 'Bring Me to Life' by Evanescence, ZEFGIRLCLUB brings her own warped feel to an already intense tune. With pounding echoing hits, she turns it into a terrifying, percussive cry for help.

The track slowly grows, building off the strong vocal with a smattering of found samples like glass breaking and computerised whirring, before launching into an unrelenting wall of booming hits. The huge sounds are offset with more samples of chains clinking, squeaking, and the wailing of sirens, as ZEFGIRLCLUB shows off her knack for building a whole world through a song.

Conjuring up images of an industrial dystopia through her choice of sounds and samples, the Evanescence vocal is a haunting addition. It moves from the focal point of the track into supporting those dense percussive hits. Following a huge breakdown of layered kicks and booming clashes of sound, the lyrics are drawn out into a wail towards the end as the soundscape continues around it. Even if this is a "reboot" of an Evanescence track, the production by ZEFGIRLCLUB is totally the stand out, bringing a level of scope to rival the band's huge guitars.

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ZEFGIRLCLUB has a very clear understanding of what she wants to create: menacing hard hitting club music. 'BMTL' is just that. With her intense sample library and love of dark atmospheric beats, she's shaping up to be groundbreaking member of the Sydney scene. 'BMTL' is free to cop so nab it now!