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Live Review: Yuuca deliver highly anticipated double-side with evocative tracks 'Nami' and 'Run'

10 January 2018 | 7:06 am | Molly McLaughlin

Brisbane psych-pop sextet YUUCA have released two new songs, 'Nami' and 'Run', with a sophisticated, bold take on their trademark sound.

After turning heads with their debut single 'Breathe' in 2015, Brisbane psych-pop sextet YUUCA have been teasing fans with a trickle of distinctive tracks over the last two years. Their latest offering, however, includes both 'Nami' and 'Run', two new songs with a sophisticated, bold take on Yuuca's trademark sound.

As the band tweeted, "We thought these two fit together nicely, as Nami is all about staying and Run is about leaving." 'Nami' is a triumphant, soaring tune that highlights the angelic harmonies and perceptive songwriting of Yuuca's members. As the track builds, the drums and guitar kick in, grounding the saccharine sweet lyrics in a powerful melody. 'Nami' captures a moment between two people and amplifies an intense, longing emotion.

The second track, 'Run', on the other hand, is much darker and more profound, employing synths and minimalist beats. The line, "They told me to run away from you/ and I won't come back again," becomes almost a chant during the chorus, while the verses are clear-eyed and powerful.

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Taken together, these two tracks demonstrate Yuuca's technical and emotional range, as well as a growing maturity for the band. While different in theme and tone, both 'Run' and 'Nami' will have you feeling all the feels. Here's hoping for a longer release from Yuuca in the very near future.

Image: Facebook