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Live Review: Premiere: Yuuca 'Melt'

10 November 2015 | 7:33 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

We're so excited to be bringing you Yuuca's eclectic second single 'Melt'.

It's not often that you get a band filled with such multi talented people. I think the term falls more under super group, but when they're not as publicly notable, yet still ridiculously skilled, it's a bit more complex.

Brisbane group YUUCA exemplify this. They've got a group of people who play an incredible array of music, but when together, they've got this gorgeous indie sound that feels so out of the ordinary and straight out of left field.

Members of the group include producer Feki, and the vocalist who recently featured on his latest single, Emily. Being a six-piece, it's interesting because their sound is exactly the opposite of chaotic. Which I guess you could say is organised, but I feel that in this sense, it's more coherent.

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We're so excited to be bringing you these guys' second single 'Melt'.

Featuring a slew of gorgeous and rather hectic guitar riffs, it's a fire starter from the first note. But I guess Yuuca have made a name for themselves based on their out of the ordinary sound and ability to keep you hooked, and 'Melt' is no different.

They've got big things ahead for them if they keep going they way they are, what with an individual sound and an incredible eye for perfection.