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Live Review: Bite into Yù Yī's breezy pop with 'Peaches' ft. Ellen

13 July 2018 | 12:56 pm | Max Lewis

Intergalactic musical astronaut Yù Yī has dropped the first taste of his adventures with 'Peaches' ft. Ellen - an infectious and endearing electronic bop.

It's not often I get to talk about the debut single of an intergalactic astronaut, so I'm gonna make the most of it. Yù Yī is the project of Mister Hugo, a spacefaring music boy, and 'Peaches' is the first taste of his upcoming album titled, FRÖÖTIFeaturing Brisbane artist Ellen, 'Peaches' is a breezy and endearing electro-pop bop: the perfect introduction to the weird and wonderful world of Yù Yī.

Not much is known about Yù Yī or the Mister Hugo behind it. All we know is that he once lived on Earth but grew tired of our human ways, so he blasted himself into space in search of a less crappy galaxy. His debut album - due in a few months - details the first planet he comes across in his space journey: FRÖÖTI. If 'Peaches' is anything to go by we can expect the debut of Yù Yī to be kooky, catchy and an absolute delight.

Driven by a bright xylophone hook and the soulful vocals of Ellen, 'Peaches' does a lot with very little. Jazzy keys and short, snappy percussion guide the verses, while the choruses bloom with vibrant synths. At times 'Peaches' sounds more like jam than a button-down track: the xylophone or the synth will often go off on fun tangents while the rest of the track sticks around waiting for it to return. The result is a track that is constantly on the move, adding new sounds and variations that play on the very solid foundations.

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A nice blend of electro-pop with some neo-soul thrown in for good measure, 'Peaches' is a solid debut and great taste of what's to come from Yù Yī. Time will tell what other stories Mister Hugo will have once he unleashes FRÖÖTI on us in the coming months, but I have no doubt it will be bubbly, groovy and absolutely infectious.