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Live Review: Yù Yī shakes it up on 'Jello' ft. jackdylan

5 October 2018 | 2:34 pm | Max Lewis

Brisbane producer Yù Yī shares the second chapter of Mister Hugo's adventure with 'Jello' ft. jackdylan, a child-like slice of buoyant electro-pop.

Fresh off a killer set at BIGSOUND and LISTEN OUT over the past month, intergalactic producer   has dropped another tasty treat from his upcoming debut LP FRÖÖTI in the form of 'Jello' featuring jackdylan. The track comes with the news he's signed to New World Artists, putting him alongside faves like Golden VesselKota BanksJordan Dennis and Mallrat.

 is definitely one of the more 'unique' artists I've covered recently. Through bright and boppy electro-pop tunes, the Brisbane producer tells the story of Mister Hugo, who decides to shoot himself off into space after seeing the world and his loved ones grow sick. The first chapter was 'Peaches' ft. Ellen, introducing us to a breezy and starry-eyed electronic vibe with a knack for playful melodies and catchy beats. Where 'Peaches' depicted the first planet Mister Hugo came across on his intergalactic journey, 'Jello', tells the story of Jack the Jello Tyrant of planet FRÖÖTI placing an embargo on all healthy foods, causing the pineapple critters to lose their minds.

Like the premise might suggest, 'Jello' is weird and wacky but a great track at its core. Synth keys warble underneath a bright harp-like melody, while jackdylan flows playfully over the top. All throughout there's little bursts of delicious sidechaining and warped vocal samples, giving the track a bouncy and light feel that is infectious. It's a short and somewhat minimal track that does a lot, with a jaunty production style treating your ears to some sugary-sweet pop.

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What I really like about  's music is how it feels so innocent, almost in a child-like fantasy way. Aside from the buckwild premise behind the project, 'Peaches' and 'Jello' are tracks that are flat-out fun to listen to, in a way that sort of feels nostalgic despite the futuristic and forward-thinking sound. If you like your electro-pop with an extra dose of wacky,  Yī should be right up your alley.