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Live Review: PREMIERE: Yollks shares return-to-the-club anthem 'Rotate'

10 July 2020 | 10:14 am | Emma Jones

Naarm/Melbourne producer Yollks delivers an emotional tribute to the club with her hard-hitting new single, 'Rotate'.

Naarm/Melbourne producer YOLLKS has been a favourite of ours for a while now, so we are thrilled to be premiering her latest single today. One with a message also close to our hearts, 'Rotate' is a pulsing, urgent and ultimately liberating anthem made with anticipation for whenever we will be able to return to clubs.

With a relentless beat, spacious synths, gritty vocal effects and a pulsating bass line, Yollks distills the very essence of what many of us find in spaces like clubs. It's a form of release, and a sanctuary for many, so with that no longer available, people across the world have been feeling lost and hopeless without it. While many promoters and communities have done their best with taking their spaces online, this vital part of many people's identity and life is still sorely missed. It's fitting then that we have seen and will continue to see many artists release odes and anthems dedicated to this very space, and we can only hope they pull it off as well as Yollks has here.

Yollks said of the single, "This space is responsible for enhancing so many different aspects of my life. When I think of the club I think of all the beautiful friendships that have resulted from time spent there. I think of an entirely new world of sound and genre that I would never have known existed otherwise. A place that is responsible for my evolution as a producer, DJ and as an active member of the dance music community. My new single release is an ode to the safe haven that I assumed would always be available to me, but now isn't."

Having made a name for herself with her forward-thinking and exciting dance releases, Yollks takes another step up with this latest single. Ready and waiting for the day it can be played in the space in which inspired its creation, 'Rotate' is the kind of song that provides solace for those who are missing the liberation and emancipation that we find on the dancefloor. While we might not be surrounded by sweaty bodies, we can still find that salvation in solitude until we can safely come together again, and 'Rotate' is exactly the song to take us there. Listen below:

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Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied