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Live Review: PREMIERE: Yollks returns with commanding new single, 'Charms'

30 May 2018 | 8:59 am | Emma Jones

I always love when an artist makes a splash but then disappears for a while, only to emerge like a phoenix out of the ashes with a fully-fledged realisation of themselves and what they stand for. It's so exciting when an artist does this as it shows how much they believe in themselves that they know they're worth the extra time and investment to get it right. One such artist that has done this in spectacular fashion is Melbourne's YOLLKS.

It was just a year ago we last heard from her, but the past 12 months have clearly been an intense period of discovery and decisions for Yollks (Elle Tayla). Choosing now to return to the metaphorical stage, Tayla couldn't have picked a stronger song to make a statement with and herald her new direction than with her new single, 'Charms'. Infusing UK Garage, absolutely flawless vocals and house music stylings, 'Charms' is a banger. It demands your attention from the get go as Yollks' voice echoes out over some atmospherics while the track steadily builds around her.

It's dramatic and ominous, and not only does it show off Yollks' hugely impressive skills as a producer, but also her formidable voice and her incredible knack of melding these two skills together to make something utterly entrancing. As an artist who values the importance of intuition and intimate connections, this is evident in the way 'Charms' maintains an emotional intensity throughout, as Tayla opts to tell a story while making you sway and move.

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It's no cliche to say that this is Yollks' best effort yet, and it's especially poignant given it's all about letting go of inhibitions, shedding old habits and embracing the new. A dance anthem for anyone who has ever felt immobile or incapable of moving forward, there is nothing more certain than Yollks is well and truly moving with this evolution, and she's only heading upwards.

Image by Rob Corica

Words by Emma Jones