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Live Review: Yeo slings ardour & enigma in new collab 'Chasing Shadows' feat. Fractures

25 July 2017 | 9:55 am | Freya Dinesen

Australia's humble hero of electronic-indie music YEO has released a tranquil new jam with real-life emotive wizard FRACTURES, entitled ‘Chasing Shadows’.

Yeo has had a killer couple of months with the success of his highly acclaimed single ‘Never Wanted That' feat. Asta, along with a handful of other releases that have been building irrefutable hype in anticipation of his upcoming sophomore album, Desire Path.

The Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and producer has been kicking around the scene for over a decade, releasing his debut album Ganbaru in 2015. Not wanting to leave us hanging, the thoughtful Yeo has since left trail of quintessential bangers that has well and truly got us hooked on his feel and sound.

‘Chasing Shadows’ is a deadset wondrous collaboration, beautifully balancing Yeo’s own musical magnetism with Fractures' hallmark vocals to create this highly evocative auditory rendition of yin and yang. This sense of contrast is fuelled directly from the song’s underlying theme of one attempting to delineate the complexities of the pursuits if love and lust. Fractures states that 'Chasing Shadows' is about "finding someone and wholly investing yourself into this person, only to have it taken away for reasons you can’t truly comprehend, and subsequent the longing for them that comes from that.”

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The track exudes luxuriant and unperturbed vibes as Fractures' lush vocals coalesce with a percussion-driven assortment of electronic and organic instruments. The lustrous production undoubtedly stems from both sides of the collaboration, exhibiting elements from both of the artists' sonic palettes in a mix finesse and integrity.

Desire Path is set to release on August 18 and will undoubtedly hold a hoard of tasty treats. It might be best to start mentally preparing now, it looks as though this one is going to be pretty massive!