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Live Review: Yelle 'Moteur Action' (SOPHIE & A.G. Cook Remix)

5 March 2015 | 11:51 pm | Emma Jones

PC Music's SOPHIE & A.G. Cook take Yelle's saccharine 'Moteur Action' and turn it into one of the biggest tracks of the year!

French electro pop connoisseurs YELLE have never sounded quite as huge until now, thanks to PC Music's SOPHIE and A.G. COOK stepping up for remix duties, and turning their once dance-pop track into a thumping, bouncing, hard hitting behemoth.

Taken from their 2014 album, Completement Fou, Moteur Action was in my opinion the most underrated track off the release. It's dance-floor suitability and sugary sweet pop stylings were what made it a standout on their album, so it's no surprise two of music's most progressive artists would select that one for a remix.

Swapping twinkling synths and classic "ooooh-oooh-oooooh"s for whirring bass and thunderous claps, this remix has not just built on what was there, but turned it inside out and upside down.

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The bubbling synths that have become synonymous with both SOPHIE and COOK's releases compete for airtime against the massive, high intensity percussion patterns and skidding synth work. They've let the remix completely take over, and with their already massive previous releases, that's saying something!

YELLE are currently on a huge global tour, and the mysterious SOPHIE and A.G. COOK will both be appearing at SXSW this month. SOPHIE was recently in the country playing a few shows before our holiday season, whilst YELLE unfortunately cancelled their 2015 Australian shows. Here's hoping all three return to Australia sooner rather than later!

Words by Emma Jones.