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Live Review: Yaeji shows a new side to everyday life in 'Drink I'm Sippin' On'

9 October 2017 | 10:09 am | Julie Fenwick

Yaeji, New York and Seoul-based producer, embodies the slow, undulated rap of 21 Savage and unapologetic, grunge of Yolanda Visser from duo Die Antwoord.

New York and Seoul-based producer, YAEJI, doesn’t embody the bubblegum electronic we're seeing more and more from new, young artists. Instead she opts for and can be likened to the slow, undulated rap of 21 Savage and unapologetic, grunge of Yolandi Visser from duo Die Antwoord.

She’s a kaleidoscope of house, rap, pop and maybe a little trap, who uses influence from both Korean and Western backgrounds to bring a worldly aspect to her music. Her new release ‘Drink I’m Sippin On’ is the first taste from her soon-to-be released EP2 and is a soft blend of airy, spoken lyrics and a hard backing beat. It describes the monotony of everyday life, the comfort in knowing who oneself is and the rejection of the misinterpretation of oneself by others. Placed atop a sleepy, house soundscape, the mix of Korean and English lyrics is especially compelling. And the tone of Yaeji’s voice is one that is entirely unique in the electronic world.

With the release of this new track also comes the release of the accompanying music video, which sees Yaeji and a collection of friends loitering in the dark alleys and shopfronts of a city lit by neon lights. It is humbly-made yet artistic and well-edited, and through its simplicity, it fulfils the meaning that is insinuated by Yaeji’s track. Basically it is an ode to the minimalism of everyday life.

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The past two years after beginning her music career under the name Yaeji, Kathy Yaeji Lee has begun to gain notoriety for her pulled-back, stylised rap having lately been featured in Pitchfork and Vogue. She has also performed her own Boiler Room in NYC named 'Yaeji and Friends'. Accomplishments like these for the young artist are sure to set her on a path to success and we can't wait to follow her on what's sure to be an interesting journey.