Live Review: XXYYXX 'Unknown' ft. Vanessa Elisha

11 August 2014 | 11:57 pm | Lauren Payne

XXYYXX has released a new track that will be featured on his upcoming EP.

XXYYXX has released a brand new track simply called 'Unknown' and although it doesn't have a name, it definitely has the potential to be played on repeat.

The producer has recently been working closely with Australian singer VANESSA ELISHA and 'Unknown' sees her lend vocals to his R'n'B influenced single.

The track has a lot going for it, with smooth piano melodies and a variety of very natural samples, 'Unknown' demonstrates how XXYYXX has fed his talent with newfound music elements. The Florida-based producer has always been one for creating unique sounds but this new single defies everyone's already high expectations of him and proves that he still has something new to bring to the table.

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The percussion is one of the stand out elements on 'Unknown'. They help introduce the track as ELISHA's cooing vocals float around the hard clicks and knocks. House synths are added into the mix as a deep bass begins to stomp across the track like a giant footprint marching across dirt.

Every element begins to work together after a short silence and it's here where you are presented with XXYYXX's structural skills as well as his ear for sharp textures. The track flows extremely well with everything sounding perfect and in its right position. XXYYXX has a gem of a track here, with all of the singular samples bouncing off each other we hear a variety of sounds working together to produce a mix that blends the organic carefully with the digital.

'Unknown' will be included on XXYYXX's upcoming EP which will also see a vinyl release. there are no title or release details as of yet but as new tracks leak, more information will no doubt follow them.

Words by Lauren Payne