Live Review: Woodes continues unstoppable winning streak with 'Origami'

16 February 2018 | 11:14 am | Jackson Langford

'Origami' should be proof that Woodes can do it all, with attention to detail& meticulous production giving us a soaring and subtle electronic moment.

With three singles and a healthy amount of features over the past 12 months, WOODES is on a rocket ship that shows no signs of slowing down. With 'Run For It', she flooded us with a sort of primitive energy not too different from that of Florence & The Machine's early work. With 'Dots', we were sent on a huge journey across snow-capped mountains and icy rivers as Woodes created a song that was palpably massive. But now, she's given us a delicate, refined and mystical offering in 'Origami' and it might just be her best yet.

"Something about you / I bet we can make a sculpture," Woodes sings in the opening seconds of song with a hint of intrigue and smite echoing her every word. You can almost hear her biting her lip in excitement. As the song bounces on, she sings of a delicate intimacy that's perfectly matched by the concept of origami. "I know every crease and every fold / These lines will tell us where we need to go," she sings over a minimal yet glittering beat.

Her feather-light vocals glide across the synth-dripped production, peppered with twinkling chimes and the comforting hum of a clarinet. It's an understated chorus that feels like a fresh breeze blowing against your face, scented with cherry blossoms. It's one of those quaint and tranquil moments we seldom hear in electronic music, but Woodes has pulled it off perfectly. Particularly impressive considering 'Origami' consists of a colossal 137 layers while still sounding so refined and minimalist.

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'Origami' should be all the proof you need that Woodes can do it all, with such attention to detail and such meticulous production giving us a soaring yet subtle electro moment. Her unique and mystical approach to producing is only stumped by her beautiful and consistent vocal delivery, which elevates the song to a height even she hadn't reached before.

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