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Live Review: Woodes instills a sense of hope in her new single 'Close'

19 October 2020 | 12:05 pm | Claudia Fallon

Woodes has released an emotional new single 'Close' that explores the darkness of life whilst casting light on brighter moments.

Casting our minds to beautiful places with her ethereal vocals and sonic excellence, Melbourne artist Woodes has released an emotionally-driven new single 'Close'. This vivid track explores the darkness of life, whilst shining a light on the brighter moments that ultimately give us hope amidst the confusion of our existence. Shared alongside a stunning and cinematic music video, 'Close' becomes something special with the breathtaking scenery amplifying the song's meaning. Set to appear on her forthcoming debut album Crystal Ball, this angelic artist has produced a beacon of hope in 'Close', as the music whisks us far away from our troubles.

Woodes showcases her vocal abilities throughout this track, hitting high notes that sound heavenly among the woodwind accompaniments and resounding drums. Steadily becoming a production of stunning vocal and sonic elements, the song progresses as she hits a crescendo, sounding as if she has reached a point of introspective change through her exploratory lyricism. Feeling like a spiritual journey, her poignant storytelling sounds like a coming of age memoir reflecting on growing up, and grappling with the sorrow of losing a loved one who still feels ever-present in her life. Amidst the pain, the reflective single still pertains an aura of hope with breathtaking soundscapes.

Whilst giving inspiration to listeners, 'Close' also inspired Woodes to begin crafting her debut album with the artist saying, "Close was the first piece of the puzzle, the first moment where I knew I was working on my debut album."

She also spoke about the meaning behind her song and the immensely personal experiences that echo throughout her songwriting, "It's about the loss of a family member. Entwined in a story of how we, as children race to grow up. These stories and themes run through the rest of the record, but this was the foundation stone. It’s a song that I’m incredibly proud of. In a time where we can’t be with our loved ones, in a time of collective grief and collective hope, I hope this song can take you somewhere beautiful."

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"This song is dedicated to Deidre Mountjoy, Lynda Grant & Kay Resing."

The accompanying music video is set in the stunning wilderness in Botswana and was a DIY film from 2019 made especially for her latest release filmed and directed by Alex Dyson. Shown singing in front of the backdrop of the African plains, the clip is full of stunning, surreal imagery of the savanna. As elephants stroll through some of the shot and a magnificent rainbow shines across the sky, you can't help but think this is the perfect scenery to match the special meaning behind the single.

Written and recorded in one afternoon with The Kite String Tangle, 'Close' is the first of many more collaborations between the two artists that will appear across multiple songs on the record. With her debut album Crystal Ball set for release November 13, this enigmatic artist will show once more her impeccable vocal abilities and knack for melding together a beautiful cacophony of sounds. With such rich meaning and beauty in its detailed sonic elements, 'Close' just might be Woodes' best track yet.


Image: Supplied