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Live Review: Villette's 'Drip Crimson' is as bold as it is intimate

23 December 2017 | 2:13 pm | Max Lewis

Aukland electronic artist Villette has dropped her debut EP 'Drip Crimson', a powerful and intimate mixtape that proves she's one to watch.

She writes, sings, raps, produces and now, she's got a new mixtape under her belt - Auckland's VILLETTE is on top of the world, and her latest release Drip Crimson proves she'll be there for quite some time.

With singles like 'Beige' and 'If You Go', Villette cemented herself as a powerful force, receiving universal acclaim and opening for countless acts in her short time as an artist. With this mixtape, Drip Crimson gives her plenty of room to move, and sees her traversing territory never seen before.

Tracks like 'Bag of Bones' showcase Villette's immense talent perfectly. With three-quarters of the track consisting entirely of her voice, it's a uniquely devastating track that just sticks with you. Underneath layers of humming, Villette speaks of emptiness leaving her as a  literal 'bag of bones', saying it's "probably my most personal song to date." Booming electronic percussion comes in for the final minute just as the song ramps up, but her voice remains the most prominent aspect, conveying every inch of the pain she feels. To do so via vocals alone is a bold move, yet Villette pulls it off in such a way that couldn't be done by anyone else.

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Another highlight from the tape is 'Stronger', which sees Villette refining the alternative R&B sound she does so well. With some soft pads and minimal percussion, gorgeously layered vocals express a desire for her partner to be "stronger than me." Despite consisting of only three elements, the track has remarkable thickness thanks to the countless harmonies and additional takes that float around the track, almost like a round. Once again Villette's powerful vocals and intimate songwriting skills dominate the track, creating a flawless combo of electronic vibes with deeply personal lyrics.

You can't help but listen to Drip Crimson and not only understand how Villette has become so prominent, but also deplore the fact she isn't way more popular. With remarkable control of vocals and production, there's such immense talent on display in Drip Crimson that every listen is striking. Villette has topped herself once again, and we can't wait to see where she takes us next.

Drip Crimson is out now via Valve Sounds.

Image: Eliza Trubuhovich