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Live Review: PREMIERE: Olympic Pool Maintenance League gives Veople the progressive house treatment

16 December 2020 | 10:06 am | Emma Jones

If you're not familiar with Veople, now is the perfect time to be introduced. The rising duo comprised of multidisciplinary artist and musician Jay Jermyn and musician Julian Currie create gripping, capitvating music which explores the realms sound and collaboration, tension and release, through textural, house-orientated rhythms and electronic production. Having recently released their debut EP, EP_001, last month, the pair are now sneaking in before the year winds down to a close with two very special remixes which bring their creations to life in totally new ways. And, in the case of Olympic Pool Maintenance League's remix, we have the pleasure of premiering it on Purple Sneakers today.

Clocking in at over seven minutes, Olympic Pool Maintenance League (aka Chris Bennie), gives 'Tilt' a propulsive, driving, progressive house treatment. Relentless from start to finish, 'Tilt' builds and builds in intensity as it snakes down an unpredictable but entirely hypnotic path. Serving as a testament to the strength of the original version as well as the twisted and dark nature of the rework, this remix is not for the faint hearted.

"I really love the raw, melodic spaciousness of the original and I wanted to reproduce that surf-rock feeling as a driving, rolling-bass techno experience," says Bennie. "My remix is a real builder and hopefully will be the soundtrack to many sunsets, sunrises and all moments in between."

Listen to the remix below:

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Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied