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Live Review: Get the shuttered sunglasses out: Touch Sensitive and Nicky Night Time reform Van She Tech for special Ajax remix

5 August 2020 | 1:51 pm | Emma Jones

Van She Tech have reformed to deliver an absolutely thumping new remix of Dance Legend Ajax's 'I'm Hot' to celebrate the late icon's birthday.

Two years after its official release, AJAX's 'I'm Hot' has received a very special remix. The original was released as part of a ten year celebration of iconic Australian dance label SWEAT IT OUT, which also doubled as a celebration of founder Ajax's life, spirit and unwavering championing of rising Australian dance music. Now, on August 5th 2020 which is Ajax's birthday (no surprises the Dance Legend is a Leo), the label have released a remix from none other than fellow dance icons, VAN SHE TECH.

Comprised of two of Australia's greatest in Nicky Night Time and Touch Sensitive, Van She Tech have released iconic remixes over the last decade and a bit, including for the likes of NEW YOUNG PONY CLUBFEISTTHE PRESETSTIGA and more. It's the "technologic" offshoot of the generation-defining band Van She, and both the band and the duo have become synonymous with the first wave of Australian dance music around the same time as early PresetsStrange TalkBag Raiders and many, many more. The band inked a deal with Modular Records, and went onto release classic songs like 'Strangers', 'Kelly' and 'Idea of Happiness'.

Also at the time, Ajax was busy forging a path for Australian dance music as part of the Bang Gang collective and through his label which has gone onto discover talents like RUFUS DU SOLWhat So Not and many others. The late DJ's passing in 2013 was one that rocked the Australian and international music scene and speaks to the enormous impact he had on electronic music across the world. The Sweat It Out crew have always maintained his legacy, continuing his mission of elevating and championing Australian dance music.

It's only fitting then that to mark the occasion of Ajax's birthday that something truly momentous would have to happen, and that's exactly what we have with this remix. Throwing back to a bygone era when Purple Sneakers DJs were playing with CD wallets, lockout laws didn't exist, the Cross was alive and thriving, there was too much neon in Supré and pingers weren't $25 each or more, Van She Tech's remix of 'I'm Hot' bangs in all the right ways.

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Touch Sensitive and Nicky Night Time said in a statement, "Ajax, besides being Ajax, was to us almost a spiritual guru, a guided and sometimes misguided light to many of us in the scene. He had impeccable taste and timing, and was someone who we were always bouncing stuff off for an opinion. When we started Van She, the only one who played our music was AJAX on FBi Radio, which eventually led to our signing with Modular Records. The remix came about after one night out. We went back to Michael's place, where he was staying in LA in the hills, and pumped out an emotional tribute to our friend featuring a snippet of him slagging us off (in a loving manner) in an interview. Hopefully he’d approve. Jax forever."

Listen to the remix below. Rest in Peace Ajax - Dance Legend!

'I'm Hot' (Van She Tech Remix!!!) is out now. Buy/stream here.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied