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Live Review: Vallis Alps 'Young'

12 January 2015 | 5:02 pm | Clare Mingorance

Vallis Alps have burst on to the scene with their dreamy new track 'Young'.

Not too much is known of VALLIS ALPS at this current point in time, but there is one thing that I am certain of... they have absolutely killed it on their new track 'Young', giving me a very good feeling that it's going to be a name on everyone's lips in the near future.

VALLIS ALPS is a boy/girl duo, who have come together from two different parts of the globe, Canberra and Seattle to be exact. David Ansari is the talent behind the production, while Parissa Tosif shows off her skills on vocals.

It is evident from their new track that the two mesh together extremely well, with Tosif's vocals floating beautifully over Ansari's smooth production. To put it simply and with pure honesty, 'Young' is a dreamy track that just makes you want to melt. Having popped up from what appears to be out of the blue, the two have definitely delivered.

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It was only six days ago that the duo were kind enough to give us a taste of just exactly what they have to offer. Along with 'Young', they released three other tracks - 'Thru', 'Oh!' and 'Reprieve', each offering their own unique aspect. From the acoustic guitar feels of 'Oh!', to the fast-paced, pulsing syths of 'Thru', to the calming piano meets heavy percussion of 'Reprieve', it can be said that the duo aren't ones to play it safe, and it sure does pay off.

I highly recommend you head to their SoundCloud to witness the magic for yourself.