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Live Review: Vallis Alps gift us with uplifting tune 'Fading'

20 November 2016 | 10:18 am | Natalie Palmer

VALLIS ALPS have welcomed us with pleasing new release, 'Fading'.

VALLIS ALPS have welcomed us with pleasing new release, 'Fading'.

After a tremendous 2015 with the release that caught the attention from the world, 'Young', Vallis Alps have left their releases to a quiet trickle for a while now. But, to our delight, the powerful pair have been working hard on another glistening piece.

'Fading', is both a delicate and invigorating piece that showcases Parissa Tosif's enchanting vocals and lovely falsetto melodic lines on top of lively production of David Ansari. Really take this one in, because once again they have not failed to impress. Have a listen below!

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As the pair reflect on 'Fading' the describe their thoughts and process, “We wanted to make a song that was about pure joy; those moments where you feel exhilarated and ecstatic. Encapsulating that feeling ended up being harder than we thought, because as humans we are constantly bombarded with the realities of life around us. In the end, we realised that sometimes joy comes from trying to see things in a new way or from a different angle. We want 'Fading' to make people happy; to be an escape from the negativity that surrounds us and a reminder of the beauty that is always present - but sometimes hidden.”

Mastering the act of creating an 'original sound', Vallis Alps have definitely created their distinctive and pure sound. Ready to play at the nationwide Falls Festival this summer, i'd suggest grabbing a ticket if you want to here these guys live!

'Fading' is now available to stream via Spotify or buy via iTunes!

Words by Natalie Palmer