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Live Review: Velodrome's imprint launches with a turbo debut from Unpin 'At Traction'

7 February 2020 | 12:32 pm | Holly O'Neill

Mysterious Sydney producer UNPIN delivers his clearest vision yet on his debut single, released through party crew VELODROME's fresh new label.

Sydney party crew Velodrome are a group in love with their local music scene and the strength of its community, throwing celebratory raves on beaches, bars and courtyards. The self proclaimed "purveyors of Big Unce Energy" are now set to provide even more with their newly established imprint and its christening release. 'At Traction' is the debut single on Velodrome Records from kindred musical spirit Unpin, another fixture in the underground rave scene and multi genre selector.

As a mysterious figure online and only known through his guest mixes and appearances on his Nomad Radio show Kitchen Dreams, this single is the clearest vision of Unpin yet. Pulling influence from left of centre club, classic techno and world rhythms, he pulls all these elements together to create a whole new beast.

'At Traction' is all at once double time and half speed, deploying skittering percussion and decimating wubs among a wide open soundscape. Empty space is as much a feature of the track as the many samples within it, crafting plenty of switch ups in this stretched out genre experiment. As the lead single for incoming six-track release, who knows what the rest of the Soy Piccolo EP has in store when it drops mid March. For now you can find the single on the Velodrome Records bandcamp.

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