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Live Review: UNIIQU3 levels all the way up on her new single 'Phase 3'

10 August 2018 | 1:08 pm | Holly O'Neill

Jersey's own first lady serves addictive beats, future facing Jersey Club and self empowerment direct to the dancefloor on the lead single of her new EP.

Vocalist, producer and Jersey's first lady UNIIQU3 has just dropped a new single on Australian club label NLV Records boasting a bold new direction. Taken from an upcoming EP of the same name, 'Phase 3' is UNIIQU3's mission statement coming into this new release, set to serve addictive beats, future facing takes on Jersey Club and self empowerment direct to the dancefloor.

A huge bassline and abrasive synth slices make for a mean track, building the intensity by blending the density of EDM with the perpetual energy of Jersey Club. Matching that energy is UNIIQU3 herself, getting on the mic and delivering empowerment, cockiness and a prowess in her flow that elevates the track around it. Even when she swaps out her effortless rapping for more casual delivery amongst the clangs of synths, she's still her own number 1 hype woman.

This mix of dense bass, choppy kicks and ominous synths practically demands that you give the track as much power as it's giving you. UNIIQU3 even spells it out, challenging us to match her hype levels directly, "If you ain't bringing the moves, you can go home!"

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Across 'Phase 3' UNIIQU3 flips the bro-y energy of tradition Jersey and EDM on it's head, creating her own quippy sample pack throughout the track in a genre that has so often used and sampled uncredited female vocalists. This reinterpretation of the genres and the industry as a whole seems to be the driving force behind this new phase for the Jersey Queen, linking up with NLV Recs label head Nina Las Vegas to help push a new wave in the scenes and for herself. Of this new era UNIIQU3 says this is only the beginning, “I feel like I know myself more than ever now. What I want in life. I've done so much but it's not half of what I'm going to do.”

UNIIQU3's debut four track EP 'Phase 3' will see release later this month on NLV Records, until then be sure to rinse this one on your streaming service of choice.

Photo by steadyprime

Words by Holly O'Neill