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Live Review: It's 'Showtime' for Unamii and Dau Dau

5 February 2020 | 12:18 pm | Emma Jones

Brisbane rappers Dau Dau and Unamii join forces for a fiery new collab, 'Showtime'.

Brisbane rappers DAU DAU and UNAMII have joined forces for one of the hottest hip-hop tracks you'll hear this week. Titled 'Showtime', the pair go toe to toe, trading bars over a booming beat with a no holds barred attitude proving they're definitely ones to watch.

From the SWISH Music crew, the rappers are flanked by their crew turning up behind them as they make it look positively easy to go this hard. Taking turns on the mic, DAU DAU and UNAMII each lay down their rhymes with so much confidence as they rap directly to the camera in different locations throughout Brisbane. In just three minutes, they manage to put everyone on notice as they take no prisoners with their respective verses.

Completely independent, 'Showtime' has already clocked nearly 200K views on Youtube and counting. From a look at their Soundcloud, it's clear the SWISH Music crew have been grinding away for some time with stacks of releases available to check out. While 'Showtime' is our introduction to these artists, now they're on our radar we won't be sleeping on them again. Check out the clip for 'Showtime' below and stay locked to DAU DAU, UNAMII and SWISH Music!

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Words by Emma Jones

Image via YouTube