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Live Review: TROPHIE gets cinematic on her lush new track, 'MAGIC'

24 January 2019 | 10:33 am | Caitlin Medcalf

It truly feels like with every release, Sydney-based producer/songwriter TROPHIE finds a way to level up. Her current repertoire absolutely kicks ass, with her genre-defying debut EP Death To Pop and the follow up, Pantheon, and now she's adding a totally new style of pop to her repertoire that comes to us today in the form of 'Magic'.

This one feels the most PC Music inspired out of all of her singles, taking a leaf out of Hannah Diamond's book with lush, tinkling production that eventuates into something larger than life. She's perfected the autotune on her vocals to the point where her voice itself is more than just a vocal line, it melds softly into the soundscape and is programmed to perfection.

Aside from Hannah Diamond, you can really hear the influence of other pop artists in 'Magic' who are working hard to break the conventionality of traditional pop music and transform the genre altogether. Charli XCX springs to mind, particularly with the meticulous nature of the autotune corrections, something that TROPHIE's absolutely nailed on this one.

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TROPHIE's in a lane of her own here in Australia. She's consistently challenging herself and her own way of creating to be constantly innovative, which is evident through the sheer diversity of all of her releases to date. With a career and sound as transformative as hers, following TROPHIE on her journey has been a thrill, purely because you never know what you're going to get next.