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Live Review: Triple One switch it up on new single 'Sunshine'

19 October 2020 | 12:55 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Before Triple One's debut album Panic Force drops in just over a fortnight, they've released its final single, 'Sunshine'.

Triple One are now approaching a two year run that is as momentous as any hip-hop or indie act in recent times. In 2018, they released 'Showoff', a tenacious, fast flowing, high energy and gritty track that put them on the map of the wider public. It highlighted the power of a changing of the guard in Australian rap, as they took from reigns from their predecessors while proudly flaunting a level of bravado and defiance in the face of traditional genre constraints, waving the flag for a new era of acceptance of unique hip hop in Australia.

That single started the transition of Triple One and similar acts being considered outsiders in the Australian music scene, kicking off a two-year period in which they were catapulted to the forefront of progressive local sounds. It also kicked off an exceptional run during which the band delivered their biggest singles yet, intimate EPs and sold out tours, culminating finally this month with the release of their eagerly anticipated debut album Panic Force. With just under a fortnight to go before this album is unleashed, Triple One have shared one final single in 'Sunshine'.

The track opens with a classic soul sample from The Dixie Nightingales, its eerie ‘All I Need Is Some Sunshine’ ringing ominously throughout the track. Laid back percussion combines perfectly with a silkier-than-ever hook from Lil Dijon, complemented perfectly with typically introspective verses courtesy of Obi Ill Terrors and Marty Bugatti. The music video steals the show however, as the members of the band all engage in a, to say the least, cooked evening of speed dating to varying degrees of success. From Billy Gunns in a wedding band, Obi Ill Terrors dressed to impress, Marty Bugatti deep in lust to Lil Dijon playing every imaginable character under the sun, its a tumultuous representation on the power of being under someone's spell.

While the last two Panic Force singles leaned heavily into their emo/guitar roots, 'Sunshine' pulls together contemporary pop-rap tropes, all while brilliantly remaining quintessentially Triple One. It's at once hard as nails and uplifting, and the track's lyrical introspection adds that classic Triple One duality and bittersweetness. With 'Salina' and 'Loverose' before it (as well as one off singles like 'Handyman' and 'Project Revenge') each adding to the vast diversity of the Triple One catalogue, the trio of singles combined prove that Panic Force is shaping up to be an infectious and unique listening experience. I'm so bloody keen.

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'Sunshine' is out now. Buy/stream here.

Panic Force is out October 30th. Pre-order here.

Image: Supplied