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Live Review: Triple One grapple with heartbreak on new single 'Salina'

8 September 2020 | 9:27 am | Emma Jones

Triple One are keeping our excitement at all-time highs ahead of the release of their debut album next month with another blockbuster new single.

We're just about a month out from the release of the eagerly anticipated debut album from Triple One, and the Sydney boys are doing a fine job indeed of keeping our excitement high with a steady output of blockbuster videos and impressive new singles. Today, they return with another in the form of 'Salina', adding another interesting element to the slowly evolving picture that is their debut album, Panic Force, which looks set to be a spectacular display of creative freedom, sonic liberation and boundless versatility.

Easily one of their most pop-leaning releases yet, 'Salina' is another example of the heartfelt intimacy Triple One continue to explore. They're not afraid to get vulnerable with themselves, each other and their fans, with other personal cuts like 'Butter' already hits among fans and critics alike. 'Salina' is guaranteed to strike a similar chord with its emo-charged hooks from Lil Dijon, and introspective verses from Obi Ill Terrors and Marty Bugatti alike. Billy Gunns is in career-best form with one of the band's best beats, creating space and comfort for his band members to explore, keeping up with them with crunchy guitars and some skittering trap drums.

Vocalist Marty Bugatti shares that “Salina is about heartbreak and how it often leads to self-destructive behaviour. It’s also about trying really hard but never quite reaching your own expectations and then taking it out on other people because you can’t admit your own wrongs”, while Lil Dijon describes the track as being about “a battle of choices, and in the consequences when the choices are made.”

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'Salina' is another fascinating development for Triple One, following on from lead album single 'Loverose' before it. Displaying how they've grappled with their own lives and experiences in what feels like real-time with this album roll out, they are dismantling what it means to be male and be vulnerable with your feelings, and also the smoke and mirrors of coming up in the music industry. We cannot wait for this album.

Watch 'Salina' below:

'Salina' is out now, buy/stream herePanic Force is out this October, pre-order here.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied