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Live Review: Triple One level up yet again with cinematic, heartfelt new single 'Loverose'

13 July 2020 | 3:57 pm | Emma Jones

Sydney supergroup Triple One have delivered the first taste of their long-awaited debut album with introspective new single, 'Loverose'.

Sydney supergroup TRIPLE ONE have once again leveled up with the release of their latest single, 'Loverose'. Alongside some impressive cinematic visuals, the group has also announced their debut album is also on the way.

'Loverose' is a slice of classic Triple One. Featuring a booming beat courtesy of Billy GunnsLil Dijon delivers a pop-leaning hook while Marty Bugatti and Obi Ill Terrors go toe to toe, each delivering formidable verses. While their delivery might come off as venomous or even full of braggadocio, you only have to listen to the lyrics to hear that these rappers are once again swapping out braggy verses for intimate, vulnerable and personal slices of introspection.

It is here that Triple One find their real magic; they can be as nasty and in your face as they'd like, but when they really want to connect with their fans, they're not afraid to go deep. We've heard this before on songs like 'Butter' or more recently with 'Project Revenge', and once again we see them get real on 'Loverose'. Grappling with the impermanence of success, the sacrifices one has to make in order to follow your dreams, and what it means to achieve something in their own lives, 'Loverose' is another personal insight into the rapidly changing lives of one of the fastest-rising groups in the country right now.

Marty Bugatti said of the single, “Loverose is a song about the flawed nature of intimate love. Humans are an imperfect creation and also mortal. This makes love a lot harder, but also a lot more beautiful." For producer Billy Gunns, the single is about “being close to something that you’ve been wanting your whole life," addressing the group's meteoric rise over the last few years.

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Released alongside visuals directed by Bugatti and Tyson Perkins, the clip visually represents the themes of the song in an eerie, post-apocalyptic landscape. From Obi Ill Terrors digging his own grave to Bugatti delivering his bars flanked by mysterious masked creatures, this seriously impressive short-film is yet another step up from a group that never seems to miss.

While we don't have a date for the group's debut album just yet, we can expect it out in the world in the "near future." This album has been a long time coming, following a string of EPs and standalone singles. If 'Loverose' is any indication as to what else remains in the Triple One tank, we are in for something seriously special.

Watch 'Loverose' below:

'Loverose' is out now, buy/stream here.

Words by Emma Jones

Image via YouTube