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Live Review: Triple One get nasty on latest single 'Handyman'

6 April 2020 | 1:56 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Triple One deliver a fully fledged belter with 'Handyman'. A staple of their live shows for over 6 months, they've finally given the fans the single.

Triple One have stolen the game by surprise. Back to back to back to back stellar singles have seen them rise to the top of the Aussie rap echelons after years of work grinding through the underground. Their previous single, 'So Easy' with appearances from Kwame and Matt Corby solidified the Sydney-based self-proclaimed boy band as one of the country's most diverse hip hop acts, flaunting brilliant pop writing with the classic grit we've become accustomed to with the Triple One project. Now with their latest single, 'Handyman', the boys return with a fully fledged belter. A staple of their live shows for over six months, they've finally given the fans the single.

This beat, to put it simply, slaps. Produced by most slept on member of the group, Billy Gunns with help from Jia Lih, it features eerie synths that combine with a thumping 808 drum line. An on-point flute sample weaves in and out of the beat and serves as a perfect balancing tool for the heavy drums on the track. The production is perfect, with various levels of energy and abrasiveness combining with heavenly periods of calmness to create a Triple One rollercoaster in the best way possible.

Triple J have called this track the 'horniest [track] the year', and I'm not going to contest that. Kicking it off is group icon Obi Ill Terrors. The lyrics on this one speak for themselves. A speedy flow and Obi's traditionally raspy delivery accompanies the beat with class. Stealing the show however, is the band's cutest member (sorry Marty), Lil Dijon. Taking the reigns with a hook and verse, Dijon approaches this track with a brash confidence unheard from his typical calm approach. With a seductive delivery, he talks through common tropes in the adult film industry and his deep desires to be with another. By the end of the hook you'll already be kicking your socks off, trying to FaceTime a toxic ex, or breaking COVID-19 isolation rules to attend a booty call.

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Bringing you back down to earth is Marty Bugatti's opening bar, "They call me Rocky, 'cause I'm not walking out the ring without a hottie," and what a way to come in. The flow is infectious and built for the live stage with chants at the end of every bar.

Triple One have not missed with 'Handyman'. Closer to their sonic 'banger' roots, the group now has one foot solidly planted in Sydney's underground rap scene, as well as dominating Sydney's inner west indie music hub. An experiment between all textures while staying within the lane of hip hop, Triple One are impossible to categorise and, more importantly, with their latest single they're even harder to ignore.

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