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Live Review: PREMIERE: Trace Decay arrives in style with 'How Did It Come To This?'

12 July 2018 | 10:00 am | Emma Jones

Nostalgia mixed with apathy and a hint of dark humour is the name of the game for newcomer TRACE DECAY. Opting to explore the darker side of alternative music, he mixes dark new wave elements with a futuristic pop sensibility, creating a fully fledged sound that is only amplified by his knack for apathetic yet dramatic lyricism. Offering up his first example of this today, his debut single is a perfect example of how he ties all of these elements together to make something utterly his own.

Titled 'How Did It Come To This', it sounds almost like THE JUNGLE GIANTS meets VAMPIRE WEEKEND with a bit of NEW ORDER thrown in for good measure. He pairs an infectious groove with searing guitars and beat that will get you dancing in no time, while eccentric synths pierce the track to give it that injection of new wave that is so undeniably fun.

Tipped to be releasing much more from this project in the near future, Trace Decay is an exciting addition to the scene as it continues to evolve and develop, straying further and further away from the constraints of genre and instead choosing to just make whatever feels good. Well, in this case, 'How Did It Come To This' feels very good indeed, so we can't wait to hear more.

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Words by Emma Jones