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Live Review: Tobacco Rat steps up the intensity and releases 'The Plague'

9 May 2018 | 11:10 am | Staff Writer

I think something that largely goes un-talked about in prominent mainstream music media is just how influential and far reaching our bass music artists are.

The bass scene in Australia is really big in not only a quantifiable sense, but also in a way that its influence has rippled to all corners of the globe. We can see artists like ALISON WONDERLANDLUUDEWHAT SO NOT and a whole bunch more leading the foray into the American markets and beyond, but on a more local scale, there's some incredibly interesting sounds coming out of this scene too that I don't think are really being created anywhere else in the world.

One of these innovative acts is Perth producer TOBACCO RAT. He's part of the Trench Records family, the record label run by hip-hop/bass producer MOONBASE. He's just recently dropped his latest single with his new found fam called 'The Plague' and it's as dark, grimy and infectious as it sounds.

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Plagued by his attention to detail and an immense want to break free of the genre's conventions, Tobacco Rat somehow manages with every single to step outside of bass music being created specifically for the club. Instead, he creates sweeping soundscapes dotted with artificial anomalies and something a lot more cinematic and a lot less typical.

Despite this however, 'The Plague' is definitely one to throw elbows down to in the club. There's still that bass music structure of a big build up leading to a massive drop, however it's more nuanced than that. The speed of his production and the sheer amount of sounds being packed into every phrase really does give it a cinematic effect and essentially, you're taken on a journey propelled by this unwavering sense of purpose.

Tobacco Rat is a severely underrated producer here in Australia. His sounds are club ready, but headphone appropriate. His attitude is teeming with dedication and most of all passion, and if there's one thing that rings true throughout this whole project, it's that we haven't seen it all from him yet.

Tobacco Rat's 'The Plague' is out now via Trench Records.

Words by Caitlin Medcalf