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Live Review: Tina Says inspires you to perspire on 'Sweat'

19 April 2017 | 6:34 am | Jackson Langford

You know what's cool? Artists thinking outside the box and making music that sounds both not of this time or of this planet. But there is such a pressure on any artist these days to produce something "original" or "unique" that many can get caught up in the pressure of it all and lose themselves in an effort to make themselves standout. TINA SAYS, however, is waving a big middle finger to all of that nonsense and has given us one of 2017's first unashamed, unafraid and unapologetic bangers with 'Sweat'.

Tina Says enjoyed massive success with her previous single 'Check It', so following it up was already going to be a daunting task. But the Perth-based producer grabbed that bull by the horns and she is truly making a name for herself in the industry, following last year's triumphs of playing Splendour in the Grass as well as scoring an official remix of KLP's 'Air.'

'Sweat' is a transcultural listening experience that takes you to both the streets of sandy market bazaars and the depths of an underground nightclub, both of which will flood you with euphoria. Tina Says begins with blaring Mediterranean-influenced instrumentals before morphing abruptly into a thumping, timeless banger.

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"Growing up with a very Greek Dad, I'd always liked the idea of experimenting with musical elements from the Mediterranean," Tina Says had to say of the track. "A really strong concept came together in the percussion and strings which formed the basis of 'Sweat' which the rest of the track ended up being built around to create something I hope produces the same kind of visuals and sensory triggers in other people that it does for me."

You can expect to catch Tina Says blasting this track live across the nation in the coming months, but for now, we're totally okay with playing 'Sweat' on repeat until that happens.