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Live Review: Timi Temple find his comfort in 'Coming Home'

17 April 2018 | 9:12 am | Jackson Langford

Timi Temple's clever and nuanced look at the comfort of home against the allure of escape on 'Coming Home' sounds both beautiful and purposeful.

Wanderlust can be a great thing. It pushes us to step outside our comfort zone, explore places we've never been before, expand our cultural horizons and engulf ourselves in mammoth amounts of knowledge we wouldn't have otherwise. However, while we're immersed in foreign places and far away lands, the shining beacon that is our home beams ever brighter. And it's that sense of homecoming that TIMI TEMPLE explores on the aptly titled 'Coming Home.'

The melody fluctuates, synths rising and sinking as Timi Temple's crystal clear voice floats delicately in, and it inspires an overwhelming feeling of purpose. "Is the insect happy when he gets there?/The light that drew him in his glare then zaps him dead/A bright dream all the other lights seem, blinding you so can’t see that you’re standing on your own light,” he sings, as he beautifully contrasts the intrigue of a foreign land with the reliability of home.

Of the song, Timi Temple said it was written following a non-stop quest to find home elsewhere. "This is my take on the 'Grass is Always Greener'. I did some traveling around the world - LA, NYC, Tokyo, Singapore, NZ - trying to find a place that better resonated with me and made me happy, but I always found myself longing for home...I think it sums up the lure and fantasy of foreign lands juxtaposed to the warmth and comfort of home."

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Timi Temple's clever and nuanced look at the comfort of home against the allure of escape on 'Coming Home' is a beautiful way to explore a pretty complicated part of the human experience. However, with a beaming voice and a soaring melody, he does it with ease. Ultimately, the grass might always be greener on the other side, but it'll never feel as good as the grass growing in your backyard.

'Coming Home' is out now along with 'Monster In The Mirror' as a double-single to celebrate Timi Temple's one year anniversary since his first single. Buy/stream here.

Image: Supplied