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Live Review: PREMIERE: Dive into Alice Ivy's technicolour remix of Tim Atlas' 'Crime of Passion'

17 June 2020 | 10:56 am | Emma Jones

Los Angeles native Tim Atlas taps none other than Alice Ivy to take over his single, 'Crime of Passion'.

LA's TIM ATLAS makes music that simultaneously sits in both the indie and RnB worlds. It's entirely authentic, effortless and never sounds forced or like its trying to be too much at once. Instead, it's rather intentional in its ability to create connections with its listeners, and that is on full display with his 2019 single, 'Crime of Passion'. Now, in an international collaboration we are absolutely here for, Atlas has tapped none other than Alice Ivy for a kaleidoscopic remix to take it into a completely new world and we are thrilled to premiere this one today on Purple Sneakers.

Alice Ivy is one of Australia's finest producers, and her ability to make something that sounds so "her" while still maintaining an innovative and exciting approach is one that should be envied by her many contemporaries. If there is one thing we love just as much as Alice Ivy originals, it's Alice Ivy remixes, and she has once again outdone herself with this latest effort.

Taking the quaint indie tune and turning it into a warm, snowballing floor filler complete with a pounding, incessant beat, eclectic synth bleeps and bloops and her now trademark atmospherics, this remix is a wild ride. Alice Ivy seizes 'Crime of Passion' and turns it into a propulsive, technicolour day dream that quickly turns into an exhilarating, racing rush and completely breaks free.

Speaking of the song, Tim said, "I loved Alice Ivy’s take on this one."

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"It’s fun for me as a listener because she reinvented the song in a really cool, unexpected way. I thought the original was high energy, but she turned it all the way to 11."

Alice Ivy said, "When I first heard the original I loved the chord progression and production, it's stunning! I began to really focus on recreating the atmospheric soundscape the original had but was thinking I could put a bit more edge to it in the choruses. At the time I was listening to a lot of old school Justice and exploring a lot of harsher synth sounds. So that's where the chorus drop inspiration came from."

Listen to the remix below:

'Crime of Passion' (Alice Ivy Remix) by Tim Atlas is out everywhere June 18th.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied