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Live Review: PREMIERE: Tiber shakes things up with new single, 'All I Need'

5 October 2017 | 10:04 am | Emma Jones

It's a bit hard to believe that one of our favourite emerging labels, TRENCH RECORDS, is about to celebrate its one year birthday next month. It feels only yesterday we were just being introduced to artists like TIBER, and yet here we are, 12 months on with another impressive cut from the Geelong producer. Not one to stay on the same sound for too long, and always one to look for something new or exciting, TIBER's progression from his Trench debut 'Wings' to now is truly remarkable, and we're very excited to be bringing you the first listen of his latest work right here.

Teaming up with Brisbane duo FANTASTIC FANTASTIC, you would absolutely be forgiven for thinking this is someone else completely. From his initial trap stylings we came to love in 'Wings' and his consequent Self Control, it might come as shock when you first hear 'All I Need' - but it's a welcome shock indeed.

Turning things right down, Tiber delivers a smooth, soulful jam here. It's tight and fresh, and will have you swaying and side-stepping in no time. From its crisp piano keys to Fantastic Fantastic's infectious vocals, this is a timeless tune perfect for an afternoon boogie or a late night sway.

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Heaping on the groove and focusing on the funk, Tiber delivers a romantic groove here, slowing things down enough to focus on that emotional energy that we had tastes of in previous releases but never quite fully realised until now. Tiber said of 'All I Need', “This track actually came about by fusing a couple of other songs I had together. One was a much more somber track that Micke from Fantastic Fantastic had sung over, but the lyrics felt more upbeat so I decided to rearrange them. They fit really well over a chord progression I was messing with and the rest just fell into place.”

It's clear to see that Tiber isn't quite done yet flexing his production muscles, and that there's probably a few more surprises up his sleeve still to come in terms of styles he wants to play with. If 'All I Need' is anything to go by though, we're in for a treat if he keeps shaking things up, as we can't get enough of this!

Words by Emma Jones