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Live Review: Thrupence's debut album 'Ideas of Aesthetics' is more than worth the wait

28 April 2017 | 8:16 am | Freya Dinesen

Melbourne producer THRUPENCE (Jack Vanzet) has finally dropped his long anticipated debut album, Ideals of Aesthetics, after several years of hiatus.

Second to being an established graphic designer and artist, the 24 year-old already has an extraordinary sonic portfolio with a multitude of productions spanning back to his entrance to the scene in 2010, later signing with Future Classic in 2014.

Across its brief 35-minute duration, Ideas of Aesthetics balances intricately crafted soft instrumentals with candid electronica driven tunes, incorporating guest vocals from the likes of Wafia and his own brother, Edward Vanzet. Thrupence’s unique soundscapes stipulate almost extreme diversities from track-to-track, continuously breaking and reforming aural barriers to create an equilibrium that ebbs and flows between dispersion and unity.

Thrupence’s major single release of the Ideals of Aesthetics album is ‘Rinse Repeat’, swiftly receiving positive public reception. The track opens with with softened metallic strums, resonating glass bells and a subtle sub-bass, establishing a delicate sound floor that is all but fleeting as it becomes overpowered with a cascade of intricate percussive beats. As the song progresses, a swelling strata of rhythmic and melodic instruments amalgamate to create a bottomless flow of sounds.

This is just one example of Thrupence’s complex, layered creations that torrents through the album, carefully juxtaposed by minimalistic ambiences and supplementary imperturbable compositions.

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‘Alethea’ is a primary instance of this contrast, offering a more human element with gentle, reverberating vocals, abridged instrument clusters and a poised leading piano motif. All of these elements are progressively modified with audio effects and filters, tying the listener back into the realm of this alternate listening experience.

All of the tracks on Ideas of Aesthetics can be appreciated individually or in entire succession, fluctuating between soft and bold themes; equally demonstrating the outstanding sonic palette that Jack Vanzet brings to his ethereal productions.

Ideas of Aesthetics is available now via Future Classic on most digital mediums, as well as in a limited hard-copy release.