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Live Review: There's Talk new single, 'Give It Up', is a dark ode to dreamy-pop

29 January 2018 | 9:05 am | Julie Fenwick

Youth Lagoon. Sufjan Stevens. James Blake. Daughter. All artists that There's Talk can be likened to, this is their dark ode to dreamy-pop.

Youth Lagoon. Sufjan Stevens. James Blake. Daughter.

A group of dreamy, sweeping, perhaps even dark artists that seem to draw inspiration from the true, raw and honest idiosyncrasies of human nature. An uncanny likeness sits between them even though it is obvious that they retain their individualism both through performance and sound. This same likeness also appears to manifest in three-piece Oakland-based band THERE’S TALK.

Originating as a solo project from artist Olivia Lee but moving on to include Kellen Balla and Young Lee, the group delves into thoughtful soundscapes, reminiscent of lone walks and empty petrol stations, skies littered with stars and cool breezes. Taken from their forthcoming EP, Bathed Water Moon, 'Give It Up' is their most recent release and evokes exactly this kind of imagery.

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It begins by slowly introducing its gloomy themes with slow-playing guitar, creating an ambient back-drop for Lee’s whispered vocals. The melodies swell and the various layers of the instruments, vocals and samples begin to weave in and out of one another. When the build-ups come, they come suddenly, yet do so in a way that doesn't ever overpower or become central to the song's anatomy. Instead, the pulsating and aired out instrumentation throughout, as well as the subtle backbeat, accomplish the creation of an immersive and captivating experience, one that relies on good production and not unnecessary volume.

There’s Talk, though not new, is a great up-and-coming band capable and worthy of a large and loyal following, one I’m sure we will see to grow in the next year. With the release of their EP, Bathed Water Moon, in late Feb, it will only be the start of a promising future.

Image via Destroy//Exist