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Live Review: The Undercover Dream Lovers bring the 2000's back with 'Start Over'

5 March 2018 | 8:04 am | Julie Fenwick

The Undercover Dream Lovers throwback to 2009 with a psychedelic, Tame Impala type track with an underlying funk in 'Start Over'

You know that song, the one that came out about 10 years ago when we were all heading to our primary school discos and were still into every song we heard on the radio; the one about fireflies by Owl City. For some reason the song ‘Start Over’, the latest release from THE UNDERCOVER DREAM LOVERS, reminds me of that. Maybe it’s the voice synthesiser or perhaps it’s just the voice itself, there is no denying the similarities however.

It can be said though that ‘Start Over’ is a more eloquent, masterful and fuller version. I’m not saying that I love voice synths, because really I am not a big fan, but in this song it works well. The drums keep it steady, the keyboard adds some nice effects but the real cherry is the underlying funk hook played coolly on electric guitar; it ties the intricacy together well resulting in a slightly psychedelic Tame Impala feel.

Solo project of Brooklyn, New York local Matt Koenig, with help in the live shows from Galen Gatzke and Sarah Galdes, 2018 has so far been a very busy year. Recently releasing a 6-track EP In Real Time as well as an impressive collection of singles, Koenig continues with his signature psychedelic funk. Set to play a number of shows in March but cancelling due to medical complications, listeners will have to wait a while longer to witness the musician in all his glory.

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