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Live Review: The Harpoons channel classic sounds and ask 'Do You Want My Love'

28 July 2017 | 7:41 am | Holly O'Neill

THE HARPOONS have returned with a divine slice of classic housey heaven, channeling the feminine disco anthems of the 70's and pulling them into the now.

After a few years break from working together, THE HARPOONS have returned with a euphoric dance track, 'Do You Want My Love'. With a nostalgic feel that would slot right into the soundtrack of Romeo and Juliet (the Baz Luhrman one, duh), this talented four piece channel old school soul and house vibes in this new one.

Opening with a simple drum track, synth line and angelic vocal, the song fills with warmth as classic soul sounds are introduced. A rounded bass, euphoric backing choir and punchy electric piano chords combine over a skittering line of percussion. This track is like an ode to old school sounds, made to be easy to listen to and to get down to.

Vocalist Bec Rigby soars above the funky instrumental, showing off her vocal chops and stellar songwriting. The key refrain is catchy as hell and emphasised even more by the choir behind it, consisting of a number of pals The Harpoons brought together. Phoebe Stretton-Smith, Rischenda Greaves, Mohini and Maia of Habits, Laura Christoforidis, Rachel May Raggatt and Kristina Miltiadou all leant a voice in creating the rich warm world of the track.

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This heady combo of nostalgic pads and drums, joyous vocals and slick composition is a divine slice of classic house-y heaven. With this new single 'Do You Want My Love', The Harpoons have channeled the feminine powerhouse disco anthems of the 70's and pulled them into the now with even more clarity.

Along with the single's release the band is also planning their second album, so expect some big stuff from this Melbourne act in the pipeline.