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Live Review: Get some pep in your step with The Harpoons' new track, 'Reassurance'

20 November 2017 | 10:11 am | Max Lewis

Melbourne electronic/neo-soul four-piece The Harpoons have returned with 'Reassurance' - a frantic and catchy homage to UK Garage.

Melbourne electronic quartet The Harpoons have graced us once again with 'Reassurance', a soulful and rhythmic electro bop, and their first single since 'Do You Want My Love' earlier in the year.

Since their debut album Falling For You all the way back in 2014, The Harpoons have enjoyed massive success with their unique and invigorating take on contemporary RnB. 'Do You Want My Love' was our first taste of new music from the four-piece for some time, and displayed a more refined and electronic sound, with some soulful disco influences thrown in for good measure. This release was followed by waves of praise from Aussie press, and sold-out single launches in Sydney and Melbourne.

With 'Reassurance', the group explore different territory, combining their neo-soul roots with a more club-heavy, UK garage sound. Complex, percussive rhythms and a hook destined to get feet moving combine build the essentials, while the two vocalists create a gorgeous harmony in the chorus. The production is tight and focused - aside from a few synths and extra effects, the track aims for a jittery and syncopated club sound, and it gets full marks.

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The connection to UK garage in 'Reassurance' is no coincidence;  According to vocalist Bec Rigby, "The Harpoons spent a quarter of a year living in London, writing, recording [...] This is our cute homage to UK garage, one of the deepest scenes of the naughties that went literally from broadcasting out of people’s garages on pirate radio in the UK, to sweeping the entire world." The group have done a fantastic job of appropriating UK garage and combining it with their own unique take on electronica and RnB, resulting in a frenzied yet powerful cut.

Having tackled disco and UK garage in their last two efforts, we have no idea where The Harpoons will go next, but we can't wait to find out.